Logistics Development Forum

August 6-8, 2018

Vail, CO


Join us as we bring together site consultants and economic developers


Get a foothold above the competition with one-on-one meetings


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Vail, CO

Highlighting Logistics in the Site Selection Process

This outstanding program delivers industry leadership and expertise to facilitate a two-way dialogue between economic developers and site consultants and addresses the importance of logistics in a corporation's decision for a new manufacturing distribution and/or warehousing location. Set up individual meetings, attend educational sessions and network with peers in a relaxed business setting.

LDF is for Economic/Trade Developers who:

  • Seek a better understanding of the importance of logistics/supply chain in the site location process and seek knowledge as to how best to develop a strategy to promote their logistical advantages.
  • Understand the critical nature of moving products faster and more cost effectively, and are already positioned logistically to take advantage of this growing market but seek information on current marketing strategies necessary to attract companies with a critical logistics/supply chain requirement.
  • Seek help in identifying those companies with a critical logistics/supply chain requirement.


Sonnenalp Hotel

Sonnenalp Hotel
20 Vail Road
Vail, CO, 81657