Logistics Development Forum

August 6-8, 2018

Vail, CO


Testimonials from Logistics Development Forum Participants

"There is so much opportunity for meaningful interaction and relationship-building with presenters and attendees. World-class event all around!"

wordbubble"One of the best Forums I have ever attended. Truly a 'don't miss' when it is held again."

wordbubble"Very efficient and effective use of time and resources to connect with the right people."

wordbubble"Great Job! Very well done, look forward to participating in the future."

wordbubble"The conference dramatically increased my knowledge of logistics/distribution and how logistics impacts manufacturing."

wordbubble"Presentations were very good and to the point."

wordbubble"Everything will be very useful in my everyday walk as an economic developer."

wordbubble"The format of the event is excellent. Don't change! Also the size allows for good chance to meet people and network."

wordbubble"The consultants at this event were much more transparent with their material than I have witnessed at other forums."

wordbubble"With logistics as our target sector, all the presentations were extremely educational."

wordbubble"The opportunity to discuss industry trends with the site consultants and peers was invaluable."

wordbubble"The one-on-one meetings are incredibly valuable – I’m also much more knowledgeable now about logistics."

wordbubble"Great range of speakers, very comprehensive update on the industry and how we need to approach it."


wordbubble"The size of the conference is perfect and the venue/location were ideal. The one-on-one meetings are very effective."

wordbubble"I valued the opportunity to discuss ideas and trends with consultants and counterparts."

wordbubble"Great information, makes one aware of strengths and weaknesses"

wordbubble"The one-on-one meetings with site selection consultants are invaluable."

wordbubble"The personal interaction with site selectors and education were very useful."